The unspoken truths of the Faculty of Law

In the first two years the faculty does not provide hours of destructive lessons, do not think of spending hours and hours in class. In fact, you will regret the time spent at home studying and studying a huge amount of material. You will find yourself training your memory because you will have to learn some articles, you will have to know them perfectly so as not to lose even a comma (which, in the interpretative level of the law can do a lot).

generally consists of 8 hours of study per session per day , so you will never have to drop below this average except for natural disasters and calamities. Some study sessions can even reach 12 hours in the moments closest to the exams, those of maximum intensity. The important thing is to organize and try to react well, not getting stressed and understanding that it is necessary to respect the rest cycle since it is useful in the body’s response to stress. The relief valve is very important during the university year , it could be for example the classic corset after the study. After a day spent on bent books, it can only do a good run and rethink everything that has just been studied.

Among the most difficult exams of Giurisprudenz right to enter with honors these two types of tests. In addition to this, also the inclination that the examination takes towards you when you are taking it. These are all interesting elements that can be used by those who are preparing to undertake the journey within the Faculty of Law.

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