I work for law graduates: the web is the new success channel

Students at the Faculty of Law are grappling with a long and decidedly demanding course of study, further reason why they would like to have everything to do with the world of work in the end, a picture that in recent years here in the Bel Paese has not it is certain of the most rosy.

What could be a job for law graduates ? Are there new frontiers for those who have studied law for years? Undoubtedly the web is the new successful channel for many future works, to be taken into consideration also in this field.

Are you wondering how to use the title of lawyer with the help of the network? Working in the world of insurance , the company and the like, the web can be exploited more than you can even remotely imagine.

First of all, you have to promote yourself and sponsor yourself in some way, ” make a name for yourself “. Like? First of all by opening your own website (by purchasing a domain) and writing a little about yourself and your business, what you do and writing the list of what you do best exactly as if there was potential in front of you customer. Obviously your blog will have to be updated from time to time, at least every ten days, in order not to lose against the bitter competition already advanced in the online world.

Social networks are also not to be underestimated, starting with the widely used Facebook which, of course, is not only used to share links of indignation and watch videos of newborn puppies. Write, tell what you do, join groups , take a selfie in court with a beautiful smile after a successful case. And why not create a page of your studio yet ?

Also Linkedin , the excellent social network dedicated to workers, can be more effective than any curriculum vitae, set up your “showcase” and sell yourself as best you can by updating your skills and expanding your network.

Don’t be afraid to renew an old job: (re) launch yourself and take off.

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