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Do you find yourself in a position where you are unsure of your next step because of the legal implications and consequences that can spring from it?

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Do you wish you could seek advice from someone well versed in legal matters before you make your decision? Then fret not because Progress 2015 has what you need.

We are an organization that deals with general legal matters. Our legal expertise ranges from fields such as business law, family law,estate planning,bankruptcy, criminology etc. Progress 2015 is your best bet when it comes to general law.


Please rest assured that Progress 2015 maintains the strictest levels of confidentiality when dealing with the clients’ information.

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Our firm also provides litigation services where our attorneys represent you in your trial.

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More than that they take care of all the legal proceedings and work with the clients to ensure that their legal interests are protected and that they are aptly represented in the court.

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If you wish to set up an appointment with our legal team of experts or wish to learn more about the cost and fee structure of some of the services listed above, then please feel free to contact us through our official website: progress2015.org.au. We usually respond within 2-3 working days.

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